The Migratory Birds of Posof

The Migratory Birds of Posof

This book is published in Turkish. (2020)


"The Migratory Birds of Posof" is being prepared...

A novel (with the combination of the true stories) by Turgay Usanmaz. Breathtaking events and adventures from various countries of the world... A book to be read with pleasure!

Some Chapter Titles from the Book

1. Kupku Umuç Agaga
4. A New Deniz
5. Mersin-Kars Line
6. On the Destination of Bullets
7. Hypnosis Experiments
11. England and Frustration
12. TDKP again
19. Excited to the Netherlands
20. Hard Life in Antalya
21. Days with Joset
31. Second Trip to the USA
33. Good(bye) Love
45. Rachele in the Netherlands
50. Life in Alanya
54. The Resurrection
56. ...............