"Turkish Lessons" Project

"Turkish Lessons" Project

Information About the Method

You can learn Turkish by following our courses on our website (turkcedersleri.net). Which level course you follow depends on your language level. In these courses, we use three levels of our own method "Turkish Lessons".

In addition, our method is a resource that can be used by those whose mother tongue is Turkish and who want to improve their Turkish.

Our method is based on three levels. Each level has two resources:

A-Coursebook and DVD

Coursebook: This is a "Turkish Lesson Book". The topics in this were inspired by daily life. There are dialogues and texts about every subject. All these texts were organized according to their difficulty levels. Also, there are grammatical explanations of each text.

DVD: The films of the texts and the dialogues that take place in the subjects of the coursebook.

B-Internet (www.turkcedersleri.net)

Exercises: The exercises of the topics in the textbook are on our website. Trainees can watch lessons from DVD and follow the textbook at home and do exercises online.

Forum: Each trainee can contact with other trainees from different levels and native Turkish teachers.

Chat: A zone that provides opportunity to practice by talking with teachers and other trainees.

The exercises (exept sample lesson) and other activities only visible for our site members.

There is an exam at the end of the course to check that you can speak Turkish well enough. If you pass this exam, then you will get a level certificate for the level that you passed.

Please contact with us if you have a question or problem.

Turgay Usanmaz

1- Click on the link below to download the Turkish Lessons Brochure.
2- Turkish Courses on our website have been temporarily suspended.
3- If you wish, you can contact us for more information.